Chris Vomund is an experienced Sales Manager with a lengthy career focused on leading under-performing teams to extraordinary performance with multiple companies. From re-training existing team members to recruiting and training new ones, Chris has a track record of remarkable results that is built on a unique model of Developing People, Differentiating the Client Experience, and Delivering Business Results. His consistent performance has earned him and his teams numerous awards and recognition for his work with multiple companies and organizations.

Chris has repeatedly shown his ability to drive immediate performance improvement, though a unique model of 3D Leadership: Develop, Differentiate, Deliver.

In 2010, he took over a $17M PC Sales and Service department with a history of under-performance in Charlottesville, Va. Chris’s unique leadership style led to immediate improvement, taking his team from the worst performance in a district of 17 locations in Northern Virginia to 1st Place his very first month in position. The team went on to win 1st Place awards a total of 7 times in 9 months.

While in Charlottesville, Chris was asked to serve on a corporate-level council, where he advised leaders in the company’s Services Division on products, services and procedures. As part of the Council, Chris was part of the team that restructured the services billing model of the company. Chris also worked to draft policies and procedures that impacted 1,100 locations and 10’s of thousands of employees to improve the client experience while minimizing exposure to liability of the company by enabling Managers across the organization to have better line of sight to the services business.

Following his time in Charlottesville, Chris went on to lead half of a sales team worth over $42M annually in Sterling, Va. Chris and his team worked to move a location from a company rank of over 900 out of 1,100 locations to the top 330 in under 3 months, the top 220 in under 6 months, and the top 110 in under 9 months.

Chris left Sterling to take over the second largest Services team in the Commonwealth, located in Woodbridge, Va, where he once again moved the department from last in the district to 1st Place his very first month in position. While in Woodbridge, Chris also lead the department through a radical business restructure, combining three departments and adding a forth, to better serve the company’s clients.

Chris Vomund is a Columbia, MO native. He has a BA in Philosophy from the University of Missouri – Columbia. In 2012, Chris decided to move back to Central Missouri in order to spend more time with his family and friends.